Site Of Installation Outside Amplifon 73 High Street Epsom KT19 8DN

Click here to see map for location of Amplifon 73 High Street Epsom

24/00208/FUL Freestanding telephone apparatus with affixed defibrillator and advert display | Site Of Proposed Communication Hub Outside 73 High Street Epsom

24/00209/ADV Single illuminated six sheet advertisement display with automatic change of static images | Site Of Proposed Communication Hub Outside 73 High Street Epsom

This application proposes installation on the footway of an electronic advertising display incorporating a telephone and affixed defibrillator, both for public use. A short slide show with details of the device are included in the documentation submitted by the Applicant.

Using the ‘Comments’ facility on the EEBC Planning website, the Society has declined to support this proposal, which is seen as additional and unnecessary street clutter about which the emerging Local Plan and importantly backed up by the evidenced based Town Centre Masterplan which seeks to alter, enhance, improve and generally have a fresh full look to rebrand this part of the High Street. If acceded to, it would be another piece of planning requiring to be “de-approved” to enable the Plan proposals to proceed.

With regard to the advertisement display requested under the second planning application, the Society re-iterated its “clutter” objection and added that the advertisement, particularly being an automatic changing display would be a distraction to both drivers who need to be concentrating on driving and to pedestrians who would be better looking at shop window displays thus promoting local trade and retail footfall.

The Society also commented on two administrative matters: first, the incorrect reference to the Adelphi Conservation Area – the site is actually in the Town Centre CA; and secondly the lack of a consultation response from Environmental Health on the website, claimed in the Documents Section as present as at 26/3/24.

It is perhaps worth noting that two further applications have been made by the same Applicant for an identical device to be sited outside Guitar Guitar in Church Street Epsom. All the same objections would apply to this location, but perhaps to a lesser degree.