Development Site At Friars Garth, The Parade Epsom KT18 5DH

Click here to see map for location of Friars Garth Epsom Surrey KT18 7NY

23/01451/FUL Alterations to building to provide a four-storey flat building comprising 12 residential flats (8 x 2 bedroom and 4 x 3 bedroom) together with vehicular access, landscaping, parking for nine vehicles, bin storage, cycle storage and associated works. Additional fourth storey to accommodate 3 x 2 bedroom flats (amendment to approved planning application 21/00701/FUL dated 14.02.2022)

24/00107/FUL Erection of three storey building comprising 9 residential flats (6 x 2 bedroom and 3 x 3 bedroom) together with alterations to vehicular access, landscaping and associated works, following demolition of existing dwelling.

Another chapter in the long-running saga of this site.

Following our previous letter, the applicant has now submitted a revised proposal, acknowledging that the proposal is now a major application for 12 flats. However, there is still no provision for affordable housing.

ECS have recently visited the site and confirm that construction works have halted at the 3rd Floor ie. approximately mid-way on the overall project. The current proposal is to demolish the part built between the top of 2nd floor to mansard roof and replace with a new full 3rd Floor. We have studied the applicant’s Financial Viability Appraisal and suggest that there are insufficient grounds to obviate the requirement for affordable dwellings. It is also noted that the composition of the proposed flats differs from the approved scheme eg. where is the 1 bedroom flat?

Other new considerations should include additional amenity space, overlooking of neighbours, loss of privacy, overshadowing and car parking spaces. This latest proposal does not provide the additional car parking to adhere to Epsom’s requirements i.e.75 spaces per flat. Council Policies include review of DM11 (Density) and DM12 (Amenity Space).

In light of the new Town Centre Masterplan, Epsom Civic Society does not object to the overall increased height, but suggest close attention to technical issues arising from the high-level demolition works and drainage/footings capacity to accommodate the additional floor. In addition an extension to the existing footpath on the South side of The Parade seems worth considering, as are the legal issues involved in future responsibility for defects in what has already been constructed.

For all these reasons, Epsom Civic Society objects to the proposal and believes it should be refused unless all the above issues can be satisfactorily addressed, but mainly for the lack of affordable housing provision.

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