Our Constitution

At the Annual General Meeting of the Epsom Protection Society on 22 March 1982, a New Constitution was approved unanimously by Members present to replace the existing Rules of the Society that had been amended in 1973 and 1976. At this Meeting, Members voted by over a two-thirds majority to retain the name of the Society as the Epsom Protection Society.

At the Annual General Meeting in 2011, it was agreed by more than a two-thirds majority that the name of the Society be changed from Epsom Protection Society to Epsom Civic Society. It was subsequently agreed that, since the Civic Trust no longer existed, the Society became a founder member Civic Voice.

At the Annual General Meeting in 2014, a further revised constitution was adopted, bringing our objectives up to date and widening the area of benefit to include the whole of the Borough of Epsom and Ewell. Other changes have been made to recognise modern means of electronic communication and clarify financial controls in the light of a significant legacy received early in 2014 by the Society.

A pdf of the new constitution can be found here.