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This is the home page of the website for the Epsom Civic Society. Please explore the menus above to see the full content available. The current picture shows Epsom High Street with poppies on the lampposts to commemorate the Great War 100 years ago.

Update on the Local Plan Review

As part of the review of the Epsom Local Plan, the Borough Council issued the Issues and Options consultation at the end of September 2017 to provide residents with an understanding of the nature and scale of the likely demand for additional housing over the plan period (2017-2032), and seeking views as to how best to approach meeting this demand.

The Society, having been kept abreast by the Council of the work being done, responded in full to the consultation following a meeting with the Planning team. The feedback from the Society’s Open Meeting in March 2017 also informed our response.

You can see our letter here.

Other documents forming part of the Review can be found on the Borough’s website via Issues and Options Consultation.

The Council now intends to prepare a draft revised local plan on which a further consultation will be made in Spring 2018. When the consultation documents have been published the Society intends to hold a further Open Meeting to help to shape our response. Watch this page for further details.

In the interim, a second Green Belt Study is planned and the Society expects to participate again in that study, which is aimed at exploring whether dividing sections into smaller areas will identify any parts of the Green Belt which are not adequately performing any of the intended purposes and might thus be released for housing without significant deleterious effect.

It is worth noting that shortly after the start of the local consultation, the Government issued a national consultation on a proposed new standard method of calculating housing demand, the use of which would further significantly increase the target for Epsom & Ewell. The Borough sent a robust response to that consultation (which your Committee has seen and supported), highlighting the issues arising from adopting a “one size fits all” approach.

South Street Road Works

Work will continue on changing the road layout in South Street through to the end of November, when a pause will take place for the Christmas period, recommencing on 8th January 2018.

You can find out what is planned via Surrey Highways Epsom Plan E.

The data at this link should be updated by Surrey Highways until work is completed. Alternatively, you can subscribe on that page to receive a weekly newsletter by email directly from Surrey Highways.


A brief history of the Epsom Civic Society follows.

The Society was founded in 1959 as the Epsom Protection Society, at a time when many historic and architecturally valuable buildings and houses in Epsom and Ewell were being threatened by developers. Then, our primary role was to halt the destruction of Epsom’s heritage and to ensure that new development was compatible with the traditional character of the town.

In 2011, our name was changed to Epsom Civic Society. Our purpose continues to be to protect the heritage of Epsom and to encourage high standards of new planning and building; but the change of name reflects the wider concerns of the Society to promote civic pride and to inspire progressive improvement in the quality of urban life for everyone.

The Society is a founder member of Civic Voice, the national charity for the civic movement in England, and shares common aims with other civic societies.


  • care about the surroundings – the places where people live and work and enjoy leisure
  • want to find solutions to environmental problems
  • wish to improve the fabric of the town for present and future generations
  • help to safeguard the heritage and character of Epsom
  • listen to the local community and campaign for their interests
  • encourage high standards of planning, design and architecture in the built environment and the retention of open spaces
  • aim to promote a sense of civic pride