Privacy Policy

Data we hold
We hold the postal addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses, where given, of our members. We also hold some information given to us by you concerning your specific expertise or interests.

Why we hold your data
The information we have has been provided by you and by no other persons or organisations. The data is solely for the purpose of contacting you by newsletter, telephone, letter or email.

The safety of your data
Your data is not and will not be included in any material posted online on our website or on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. We will not pass your data to any third party.

How we will use your data
We use your data to deliver our Newsletters, send notices of our AGM and to inform you of other events we organise. If you have expressed interest or expertise in any particular area relating to the work of the Society we may contact you about that. When we contact you by email, only your address and that of the sender will be visible.

We will hold your data until you resign your membership or advise us that you no longer wish to receive information from the Society, or to be contacted by us for any reason. In these events, your data will be deleted.

Your rights
If you wish to see the information we hold, or to ask for that information to be updated or removed, please contact the Hon Secretary (