Role of Epsom Civic Society

South East England, because of its proximity to both London and Europe, is seen to be a natural place for future development. It will require vigilance and care to balance the needs of people for more housing against the environmental impact of new development. The Society aims to help find the best solution to these competing forces, which are likely to be a continuing issue for the people of Epsom.

There are three major concerns: first there is the pressure for new development and where it should be located and implemented; secondly, the on-going requirement for planning authorities such as our Borough Council to develop and maintain long-term strategies, development policies and area plans – for which maximum participation of local residents is desirable; and thirdly, the continuing need to protect and improve what exists in the town on an individual planning application basis. In combination, addressed correctly, these will raise the quality of life for all in Epsom.

By becoming a member you will not only add weight to representations on local issues but also help to identify ways of improving the town. Through our association with Civic Voice you will be joining a powerful civic movement in England. We believe it is important for local people to be actively involved in civic life – please join us.