Under the Heritage label we have gathered together all the information, pictures and documents created over the years by the Society about Epsom its buildings and other items of interest.

If you have anything you wish to add to the Society’s archives or knowledge, please contact us.

We are particularly interested in old photographs of Epsom with captions identifying the location/address, the approximate date (to the nearest decade or better) and the name(s) if possible of any people in the photograph. Your consent for the Society to use the photograph or assignment of copyright to the Society will also be needed.

Heritage documents currently available are:-

Epsom Heritage

A Detailed Survey of Epsom with historical context by Thomas H.J. Dethridge. A version of this document with historic photographs can also be found on the website of the Epsom and Ewell History Centre

Heritage Trail Guide 1

Heritage Trail Guide 2

Both the above are guided walking tours of Epsom visiting places of interest with background information about them.

A map to accompany Heritage Trail Guide 2

Aerial photographs of Epsom 2008

These 91 aerial photographs were taken for the Epsom Protection Society in 2008 and have been used at exhibitions in the Ashley Centre, where they excited a great deal of interest. So we have decided to put them up on the Internet as well. The link above will take you to a Google website with all the pictures. If you look at them individually, they will come up with a map showing where the aeroplane was at the time the pictures were taken. Broadly, the aeroplane flew in increasing circles around the Town Centre looking inwards, until you get to picture 63. It is fairly easy to work out where things are: the two long roofs over the station platforms (before the recent new Station development, of course!), the railway lines diverging in a Y to the east, and the two bright green industrial buildings just to the north of the railway line to Waterloo appear in most of these pictures. After picture 63, most of the pictures are further out, including the hospital cluster with the distinctive water tower, and the Racecourse.

The pictures can also be run as a slideshow.

We have not yet been able to put captions on the pictures – if you would like to do this for us, please let us know.

If you would like to obtain a higher resolution version of any of the pictures, please contact the society by email.