Marsden Nursery & Garden Centre, Ashtead KT21 1HU

Click here to see map for location of Marsden Nursery & Garden Centre Ashtead.

MO/2022/0474 Erection of 26 dwellings with associated access, car parking and garaging, refuse/recycling storage, landscaping, earthworks and infrastructure following demolition and removal of existing buildings and structures.

This application proposes demolition of the existing commercial buildings and nursery grounds, and replacing it with 26 dwellings.

The Society is concerned at the proposal for three reasons: first, its location in the Green Belt and impact on it; secondly, replacing the existing commercial/horticultural usage with housing would effectively link the housing areas of Ashtead and Epsom, thus creating further urban sprawl which the Green Belt seeks to prevent; and finally the loss of employment for more than 20 local individuals.

Exceptionally, since the site is actual in Mole Valley rather than Epsom and Ewell, the Society has alerted our own Borough Planning team and written to Mole Valley setting out our objections and requesting refusal.

See our letter here.