Green Gables, Ashley Road Epsom KT18 5BB

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22/00133/FUL Demolition of existing building and erection of two linked, two storey buildings containing 22 student bedrooms, associated parking and cycle parking.

This application proposes demolition of the existing two storey house in a triangular plot, and replacing it with two linked blocks, effectively doubling the footprint of building on the block. One of the blocks would be sited along almost the complete width of the boundary at the rear of the adjacent property in Ladbroke Road.

The Society is sympathetic to the proposal since it would bring back a currently vacant site into use for a purpose (student accommodation) very appropriate to the location in easy walking distance of the UCA and town centre, but concerned at the scale of the proposed development and its impact on surrounding properties. Were the accommodation to be used for other purposes than student accommodation, the Society would be concerned about the lack of internal and external amenity space and have numerous other objections. In any event, some modification to screen the new Block A from neighbouring properties, especially No 2 Ladbroke Rd, would be necessary, and sustainability/climate issues have not been adequately addressed in the current proposal.

For these reasons, the Society has submitted a “neutral” letter, accepting the principle of development but suggesting that further consideration of the details is necessary before any permission is granted.

See our letter here.