Centenary Wood Environmental Impact Assessment

Click here to see the Woodland Trust website page.

The Woodland Trust has updated its website section covering the Centenary Wood following the Forestry Commission’s determination (as a result of the ecological survey carried out by the Trust) that a full Environmental Impact Assessment is required.

Their page gives lots of details about the plans, the findings of the ecological survey, and the scope of the Environmental Impact Assessment to be carried out.

While this will delay the full planting of the site, it will almost certainly ensure a more varied and improved overall outcome.

Their page also includes links to a variety of maps of the site as proposed, the scoping report, pictures of various parts of the site, and the scoping Powerpoint presentation, which includes a lot of detail of planting and management proposals and some artist’s impressions of some views when the planned planting has matured. (This last item will require Microsoft Powerpoint or equivalent to view, but has lots of details not otherwise available.)

Interested members should visit the Woodland Trust site and download items as required. Their updated page can be found here.