25 Links Road Epsom KT17 3PP

Click here to see map for location of 25 Links Road Epsom KT17 3PP.

22/00660/FUL Demolition of existing double garage and erection of a three storey, three bedroom house with rear garden and front driveway.

The applicant proposes to demolish an existing double garage to the side of No 25 Links Road, split the site from front to back and insert a three-storey contemporary style new dwelling in its place. The new dwelling would be approximately 19 meters deep and 6 meters wide, in a plot 10 meters wide at the front and less than 7 meters wide in the rear garden. Neither new nor donor property would end up having a garage.

The Society believes there are many reasons for objection to this backland/infill development proposal, but most stem from the design and proposed location of the house being completely inappropriate to the road and its setting. The idea that houses in this delightful location can demolish adjacent garages and replace with ‘tight’ frontage detached dwellings is wrong. Links Road is made up of predominantly large Edwardian three-storey houses of traditional design in large plots, and the unattractive flat roof block style of the proposed new dwelling is entirely out of keeping with all the existing peaked-roof buildings.

The Society’s detailed letter of objection refers to conflicts with EEBC Core Stragegy policies 5 & 6 and Development Management Policy 9.

For all these reasons, the Society has requested refusal of the application.

See our letter here.