107-111 East Street, Epsom KT17 1EJ (update)

Click here to see map for location of 107-111 East Street, Epsom KT17 1EJ .

20/00797/FUL Demolition of the existing buildings and erection of part 3 storey, part 4 storey building comprising 23 residential flats (7 x 1 bedroom, 12 x 2 bedroom and 4 x 3 bedroom) with associated car and cycle parking and refuse storage.

This planning application to demolish two existing small two-storey buildings on the corner between East Street and Kiln Lane and replace them with two blocks of flats, one of three storeys, the other of four storeys totalling 23 flats in total, was refused by the Planning Committee in August 2021, together with a following later application (21/01708/FUL) refused in March 2022. The refusal of the earlier application has been appealed. The new blocks and associated parking would completely fill the back gardens of the existing houses as well as the footprint of the houses themselves. The total proposed accommodation would consist of 23 flats, 7 1-bedroom, 12 2-bedroom and 4 3-bedroom.

Following announcement of the Appeal, the Society has confirmed to the Planning Inspectorate via their website its objection to the proposals as follows:

Epsom Civic Society supports the refusal of the development because:-

  • The building proposed is far too large for the site; for the Society, height bulk and mass are important considerations and the submitted and refused proposals are excessive in this regard resulting in a building out of keeping with its surroundings.
  • It is considered that the East side of East Street from Kiln Lane (towards Ewell) is very different from that of the Western side goining towards Epsom . The typography and building mass changes at Kiln Lane to a more open and lower scale than exists closer to Epsom. The site is in the smaller side of this style. The proposals would overshadow 113 East Street and be on its Southern side.
  • The absence of on site affordable housing within the prescribed scale is an omission of concern. Fundamental costing and design should be part of the development process from its concept to ensure incorporation.
  • Local knowledge of the site and its surrounds tells us that the access service road to the rear is unsatisfactory. The potential ingress/egress would be hazardous to drivers on the busy Kiln Lane with restricted site lines. Additionally the existing quiet service road doubles as a footpath we do not feel that this aspect has been respected in the proposals.
  • The car parking proposed is short of the required standard as set out in parking policy requirements.

Dismissal of the appeal is requested.

See our original objection letter to EEBC here.