Old Dairy Site 4 Alexandra Road Epsom KT17 4BJ

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Pre-planning consultation by Planning Potential on behalf of Aldi for a proposed supermarket on the site.

The Society has become aware of canvassing of local opinion for Aldi regarding their proposed development of a supermarket on the old dairy site, now disused but owned by Aldi.

Since this is one of the brownfield sites identified by the Borough as a potential residential development, is too far out of the town centre to be suitable for retail development without diluting the town centre focus, conflicts with the proposed provision of a small-medium supermarket in the Upper High Street/Depot Road site, and would exacerbate traffic issues around an already difficult five-way junction, the Society has responded formally to their planning agent.

See our letter here.

Epsom residents who have not received an invitation to comment on the proposals can do so by writing to
Planning Potential
Magdalen House
148 Tooley Street

The content of their leaflet can be seen here, here and here.