84 Hookfield Epsom KT19 8JG

Click here to see map for location of 23/00568/FLH – 84 Hookfield KT19 8JG

23/00568/FLH Erection of 6 foot (1.83m) high fence along the western boundary of the site.

84 Hookfield KT19 8JG is a house at the corner of Hookfield and Lindsay Close, currently bounded by a low hedge on the western side. The application proposes replacement by a six foot high solid fence, similar to the one refused under officer delegation in August 2022 and about which the Society objected in June 2022.

The Society noted a discrepancy between the diagrams submitted and the written description of the proposal, and suggested this be clarified before considering the application.

The Society’s objection is continued for the same reasons as previously, namely the failure to respect the existing open nature of the frontages of all of Lindsay Close which would negatively impact the street scene. Refusal of permission has therefore been requested.

See our letter here.