Madan Cottage Avenue Road KT18 7RD

Click here to see map for location of Avenue Road Epsom KT18 7RD .

21/00528/FLH Erection of two storey side extension and enlargement of existing rear dormer window.

This application is for the erection of a two storey side extension to a house in a prominent location abutting the footpath which is a continuation of Madans Walk a well-used route from Woodcote, including the hospital, to the town centre via the attractive Rosebery park.

There is a considerable elongated effect of the previous extension which is built up hard on the boundary against the footpath, and it is proposed to build another story perpendicularly above.

The Society believes this does not comply with the design guide for house extensions requiring the first floor eaves level to be inset 1 metre to prevent a terracing effect, and as proposed would present a tunneling and darkening effect on the footpath which is much narrower at this point and also has extensive vegetation on its opposite side.

Accordingly it has been suggested that a modification to the application is needed to lessen the impact of the proposals being overbearing to users of the footpath.

See our letter here.