Epsom Lodge 1 Burgh Heath Road Epsom KT17 4LW

Click here to see map for location of Epsom Lodge 1 Burgh Heath Road Epsom KT17 4LW .

21/00031/FUL Change of use of existing Care Home (Use Class C2) to Residential (Use Class C3). Erection of three storey side and rear extension to create 9 flats (4 x 1 bed, 2 x 2 bed and 3 x 3 bed) and creation of basement car park.

Whilst not objecting to the principal of changing the use of the premises, we do feel that the suggested design is inappropriate for this location at the north end of the Burgh Heath Road Conservation Area and at a very prominent position.

The design of the main side extension does not include any similarities with that of the CA, and the window specifications are wrong, not even matching the retained facades. The ‘Edwardian’ style of the existing building is not mirrored in any form with the design of the new facades and is therefore contrary to the Council’s obligation to maintain the character of the CA.

The bulk and massing of the proposal is entirely out of keeping with the Conservation Area, and the Society also has grave reservations about the basement parking arrangement with an exit straight onto the mini roundabout and lack of forecourt space for delivery vehicles making an existing risk of traffic accidents even more severe.

Finally the Society regrets the proposal to fell a mature pine tree, subject to a Tree Preservation Order. For all these reasons, a refusal has been requested.

See our letter here.