The Sycamore Centre, 14 West Hill Epsom KT19 8HR (updated July 2020)

In July 2020 the EEBC Planning Committee agreed with ECS, refusing  permission to fell the trees and issuing Tree Protection Orders for the trees to prevent further applications.

Click here to see map for location of The Sycamore Centre 14 West Hill Epsom Surrey KT19 8HR .

20/00613/CAT  Felling of two Ash trees on the West Hill side of the grounds and 1 Hornbeam adjoining Hunters Close.

This planning application seeks permission to fell three healthy trees which contribute significantly to the street scene on a site in the Stamford Green Conservation Area owned by Surrey County Council where the former school building is no longer in use.

The Society is concerned that the current application may be seeking to clear the site of trees which may restrict the future development of the site, and has suggested not only that the application be refused but also that the trees themselves, like many other mature trees contributing to Epsom’s green appearance, should immediately be made the subject of Tree Preservation Orders.

See our letter here