Downshill Downs Hill Road Epsom KT18 5HW

Click here to see map for location of Downshill, Downs Hill Road.

19/00921/FUL Erection of two storey four bedroom detached dwelling to the rear of Downshill.

This planning application proposes construction of a new 4-bedroom detached house with swimming pool and summerhouse in the rear garden of Downshill, necessitating granting of a right of way over the driveway to the garages of the neighbouring blocks of flats and the loss of wildlife habitat, trees and shrubs.

The Society is concerned that the proposed dwelling is too large for backland development, of inappropriate design in some respects involving significant loss of greenscape and biodiversity, and by restricting existing off-street parking for the neighbouring properties will exacerbate local traffic and parking issues. All of these matters represent conflicts with existing policies and strategies.

The Society has therefore requested refusal of permission.

See our letter here.