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Click here to see map for location of The Lodge West Street Ewell.

19/00801/FUL Demolition of existing detached house and construction of two houses and four flats.

The site is located within the delightful Ewell Village Conservation Area, and the application proposes demolition of the Gibraltar Recreation Ground’s. Although not a historic building it is a local landmark and defines the entrance to the park.

The Society believes that, when added to the three new houses recently granted permission on the adjacent site (19/00015/FUL), this proposal would also constitute overdevelopment in the locality, add to the existing parking issues, reduce the green aspect if the area, and create an adverse impact on the Conservation Area, particularly viewed from the front of the properties.

Accordingly, the Society recommended refusal of the current application and suggests that the development previously permitted constitute the completion of new development on this narrow stretch of land.

See our letter here.

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