The Durdans Stables Chalk Lane Epsom Surrey KT18 7AX

Click here to see map for location of The Durdans Stables Chalk Lane Epsom Surrey KT18 7AX.

19/00588/REMVariation of the original planning conditions reference number is 18/00117/FUL Condition Number: 11

The proposed residential dwelling hereby approved shall be occupied by persons in connection with the operation of B R Johnson Racing only and shall not at any time be occupied as an independent residential unit.

Reason: To ensure compliance with Policy CS11 of the Core Strategy and Policy DM24 of the Development Management Policies DPD in order to ensure that a racehorse training in Epsom is sustained.

The Society initially objected to the original Planning Application for the new 4 bedroom house, based on the detrimental affect on the Conservation Area and the loss of woodland and landscape. Within the client’s application was a personal letter saying that the new dwelling was required for their stables manager and his family, which persuaded us that the application would benefit the racing industry in Epsom.

Accordingly, in the granting of the Planning Permission, the Council stated under Condition 11 that
the house could only be occupied by a Durdans Stables operative and not by an independent person. The current application seeks to remove this condition, to which the Society objects.

See our letter here.