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The Society has written to the Council following an approach from the residents of 1-7 Richmond Close, part of the Worple Road Conservation Area, regarding the removal of part of a hedge and trees in Richmond Close by the owners of a house in Little Orchards backing on to Richmond Close.

The residents’ statement, referred to in our letter below, includes the following:-

“Richmond Close is part of the Worple Road Conservation Area

The owners of a house in Worple Road (4 Little Orchards) have removed the section of the mature hedge (at least 50 years old) behind their back garden and erected a fence and also a gate opening on to Richmond Close.

Apart from being unsightly, there is a danger that the owners of other houses in Worple Road might see this as a precedent. Then we could have a series of gates and fences to look out on instead of the pleasant hedge. It is also a welcome habitat for many birds.

Our house deeds (in Richmond Close) state the obligation of the house owners in Richmond Close to maintain the strip of land, which we own, as far as the kerb itself.”

The Society do not believe that erection of the fence is acceptable under the Worple Road Conservation Area Article 4 Direction 2011, Schedule 6. This relates to the alteration of a fence, gate or other means of enclosure. We have therefore asked the Council to issue an Infringment Notice and require the hedge to be reinstated.

See our letter here.

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