Friars Garth, The Parade, Epsom KT18 5DH

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20/01229/FUL Demolition of existing building and the construction of 18 flats above ground floor commercial areas.

This application is for a high density scheme to optimise the site’s redevelopment potential whilst completely ignoring the many relevant current national and local planning policies.

While the Society acknowledges the need for affordable housing, there are too many adverse impacts of this proposal.

The Society’s objection letter highlights its many design deficiencies, as well as the complete loss of a significant green garden space which is currently already surrounded by densely built housing.

Refusal of the application has therefore been requested. See our letter here.

Chalk Lane Hotel Chalk Lane Epsom KT18 7FE

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20/01185/LBA Conversion of hotel and various alterations and extensions to the listed buildings to accommodate 21 dwelling units , car and cycle parking and private and communal gardens. (Listed Building Consent).

This application in a Conservation Area seeks to amend an existing scheme, the site, which incorporates a listed building, having been taken over by new owners mid-development. The amendments include a proposal to surround the main entrance courtyard with a high wall, thus closing off what was previously an open area.

The Society believes this is out of keeping with the area, which is the most important Conservation Area in Epsom, and would adversely impact the visual appearance. Refusal of the application has therefore been requested.

See our letter here.

32 Victoria Place, Epsom KT17 1BY

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20/01224/FLH Replacement of existing single glazed wooden front (including bay) windows with double glazed uPVC windows

This application for a property in a Conservation Area seeks to replace existing wooden windows with UPVC double glazing units.

While double glazing is an obvious improvement, UPVC is an inappropriate material in a Conservation Area, significantly modifying the appearance of the property and adversely impacting the street scene.

The Society would prefer replacement with modern wooden window-frames capable of housing the same double-glazing units without impacting the visual appearance, and has therefore requested refusal of the application.

See our letter here.

Woodcote Grove Ashley Road Epsom KT18 5BW updated

Click here to see map for location of Woodcote Grove Ashley Road Epsom KT18 5BW .

19/00999/FUL Development of 98 apartments/dwellings, including conversion of the Grade II* Listed Woodcote Grove and Grade II Listed Stable Block, with parking, access, landscaping and other associated works, following the demolition of the existing reprographics centre and conference centre.

This application and an associated one regarding amendments to listed buildings proposes the redevelopment for housing of the site of the old Atkins office buildings and conversion of the listed buildings of Woodcote Grove and associated stables.

The Society objected strongly to the first design proposals in September 2019, and again following revisions in March 2020.

Further amendments have been made but, in the Society’s view, still do not constitute an acceptable revision of the setting of a major heritage building in an important Conservation Area.

The Society continues to have objections under various headings, including the planning history of the site, density and housing mix, impact on the heritage building and Conservation Area, and road safety for both vehicles and pedestrians.

In addition, there are practical issues regarding access for and sequence of development to prevent further damage to walls in the narrow streets behind the site by construction traffic seeking access other than via Ashley Road.

The Society has therefore continued to recommend refusal of the application.

See our third letter on this proposal here.

And see our previous letter here.

And our original letter here .

107-111 East Street, Epsom KT17 1EJ

Click here to see map for location of 107-111 East Street, Epsom KT17 1EJ .

20/00797/FUL Demolition of the existing buildings and erection of part 3 storey, part 4 storey building comprising 23 residential flats (7 x 1 bedroom, 12 x 2 bedroom and 4 x 3 bedroom) with associated car and cycle parking and refuse storage.

This planning application seeks to demolish two existing small two-storey buildings on the corner between East Street and Kiln Lane and replace them with two blocks of flats, one of three storeys, the other of four storeys. The new blocks and associated parking would completely fill the back gardens of the existing houses as well as the footprint of the houses themselves. The total proposed accommodation would consist of 23 flats, 7 1-bedroom, 12 2-bedroom and 4 3-bedroom.

The Society believes it important to regard this location in East Street, on the Ewell side of Kiln Lane, as being different from that part nearer towards the Town some of which is in a town centre location. The situation here is very different with generally single and two storey residential development prevailing towards Ewell and away from the higher buildings in East Street nearer the town.

We also believe that the bulk mass and density is excessive for this location, the absence of any affordable provision unacceptable, and the proposal fails to meet the required accommodation mix, in particular in respect to 3-bedroom units.

Further concerns are over the safety and acceptability of the proposed method of access to the proposed accommodation via a narrow lane, to the rear but not part of the property over which no right of way may exist, and which in any event would need to be widened. The Society has therefore requested refusal of the application.

See our letter here.

Epsom General Hospital Site

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20/00885/DEM Prior Notification of the proposed demolition of buildings at Epsom General Hospital, including York House, Woodcote Lodge, Rowan House, Beacon Ward, the boiler house and ancillary buildings and structures, under Schedule 2, Part 11, Class B of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 (as amended)

This planning application seeks permission (under Permitted Development rights) to demolish unwanted buildings on the hospital site at the location of the proposed Guild Living “later living” accommodation, for which a planning application (19/01722/FUL) has yet to be approved and has drawn very significant volume of objections from local residents (and the Society).

The Society is concerned that the applicant is proposing to separate the demolition of existing buildings in advance of securing permission for the replacement, which is contrary to accepted practice and may significantly increase the total duration of disturbance from demolition and building work for local residents. In particular, the proposed siting of a 4 storey contractors’ accommodation set up at the rear of Digdens Rise is completely unacceptable, since it looks directly into the bedrooms and gardens of these residences.

We are also concerned that this may also represent a plan to pressure the Council to agree to aspects of the development application which would otherwise be unacceptable, using Epsom’s lack of a 5-year housing supply to leverage the National Planning Policy Framework in the applicant’s favour.

The Society has therefore written suggesting that the demolition application be withdrawn and all matters relating to both demolition and building be dealt with under the existing application (19/01722/FUL). See our letter here.

Nevertheless it transpires that the Council could not adopt our suggestion, as the proposed demolition is Permitted Development under current legislation, but has been made subject to conditions set out in the Decision shown under the Documents tab of the planning application referred to above.

The Sycamore Centre, 14 West Hill Epsom KT19 8HR (updated July 2020)

In July 2020 the EEBC Planning Committee agreed with ECS, refusing  permission to fell the trees and issuing Tree Protection Orders for the trees to prevent further applications.

Click here to see map for location of The Sycamore Centre 14 West Hill Epsom Surrey KT19 8HR .

20/00613/CAT  Felling of two Ash trees on the West Hill side of the grounds and 1 Hornbeam adjoining Hunters Close.

This planning application seeks permission to fell three healthy trees which contribute significantly to the street scene on a site in the Stamford Green Conservation Area owned by Surrey County Council where the former school building is no longer in use.

The Society is concerned that the current application may be seeking to clear the site of trees which may restrict the future development of the site, and has suggested not only that the application be refused but also that the trees themselves, like many other mature trees contributing to Epsom’s green appearance, should immediately be made the subject of Tree Preservation Orders.

See our letter here

39 Manor Green Road Epsom KT19 8RN updated

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20/00525/FUL Change of use of Gym/yoga studio, comprising a single-storey, 40m2 building into a residential dwelling. The only external works required will be some landscaping, the rest is internal.

This planning application is the latest in a line going back a decade of attempts seeking permission for backland development of a small dwelling in the garden of 39 Manor Green Road. The application to construct a gym/yoga room in 2018 was approved under the prevailing permitted development rights but is apparently only now under construction.

The Society is concerned that the current application may be seeking to circumvent the objections to all previous applications, and has objected on the grounds of inadequate exterior amenity space for both new and existing dwellings, the small size of the proposed new home, and overdevelopment of an inappropriate type for the locale.

The Society has therefore requested refusal of permission.

See our letter here.

Downshill Downs Hill Road Epsom KT18 5HW

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19/00921/FUL Erection of two storey four bedroom detached dwelling to the rear of Downshill.

This planning application proposes construction of a new 4-bedroom detached house with swimming pool and summerhouse in the rear garden of Downshill, necessitating granting of a right of way over the driveway to the garages of the neighbouring blocks of flats and the loss of wildlife habitat, trees and shrubs.

The Society is concerned that the proposed dwelling is too large for backland development, of inappropriate design in some respects involving significant loss of greenscape and biodiversity, and by restricting existing off-street parking for the neighbouring properties will exacerbate local traffic and parking issues. All of these matters represent conflicts with existing policies and strategies.

The Society has therefore requested refusal of permission.

See our letter here.

70 Worple Road Epsom KT18 7AG

Click here to see map for location of 70 Worple Road.

20/00484/FUL Erection of two storey dwelling with associated access and external works to the rear of No. 70 Worple Road. Demolition of the existing garage and erection of two double garages.

This planning application proposes construction of a new house in the rear garden of 70 Worple Road, which is situated in a prominent part of the Worple Road Conservation Area.

There is an extensive history of Planning Applications for this site, dating back to October 2009, when the original scheme was approved. Subsequently, in December 2010, the Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Proposals were introduced, with guidance and requirements for planning applications within the Conservation Area. The recently updated NPPF also requires that the desirability of new development making a positive contribution to local character and distinctiveness.

Although the proposed design is environmentally sympathetic, the Society does not consider that this heritage asset is protected by the proposed scheme nor that the passivhaus design specifications add merit to the local distinctiveness of the Conservation Area. Mainly for this reason, the Society has objected to the proposal.

See our letter here.