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Click here to see map for location of 145 Grosvenor Rd.


Conversion and extension of existing dwelling to form a semi-detached pair of two-storey dwellings.

145 Grosvenor Road is a detached bungalow. It is the last property at the eastern end of Grosvenor Road and adjoins Epsom and Walton Downs. The proposal is to extend the building and add a first floor to create two two-storey houses, one of three bedrooms and the other of 4 bedrooms. This is similar to a previous application (15/01583/FUL) which was refused on 29 March. The alterations in the present application are no doubt intended to deal with the reasons for refusal but in our view they fail do so.

The Society has recommended refusal mainly because the proposed building is unsuitable for its location and lacks adequate parking provision.

See our letter here.

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